November 15th - 17th

The Orle Gniazdo hotel, Szczyrk, Poland

About the conference

Can you remember PHPCon Poland? This highly integrative conference with a soul that helped build the Polish PHP community?
We want to revive it! We want to recreate what many of you miss and remember the most!
How?Returning to the place where you feel the best, the Orle Gniazdo Hotel in Szczyrk, giving you the opportunity to book rooms and board together with your conference ticket. Together we can make this conference a part of Polish developing events calendar again!
The agenda will include six Friday's workshop paths of various topics and two lecture paths on Saturday and Sunday.

Of course, the php Central Europeconference, which was created on the basis of PHPCon and moved abroad, will be continued. Its formula, place and participants have their own specificity and are so different that they can both coexist.

So… see you soon in Szczyrk!

See how cool it was in Orle Gniazdo

Why join the PHPCon Poland?

Legendary event

We're meeting at a conference that many of you can't wait to attend. And in the best hotel we have ever visited!

Accommodation in same venue

You can easy merge the attendance and accommodation, if you wish so.
Could there be anything more comfortable?

Full board package

Every meal in the same place. For workshop participants - starting with Friday lunch, for others - starting with Saturday lunch.


All those interested in getting practical knowledge are welcome to attend the workshops on Friday. They will last until evening, because the conference starts on Saturday morning.

Skill sharing

There are no problems that cannot be solved! On PHPCon you will meet many professionals who like to share their knowledge and help each other. Just come here!


We have a nice time after hours. Many of you will surely like various forms of activities offered by sponsors... ;)

Select your favorite talks

Have a real impact on what will appear in the program!
To join the selection, you must register and buy the ticket first.
Take it easy, it's some spare time left. We start on July 19th!


CKiR Orle Gniazdo **/***

This is the hotel that hosted us in the years 2013-2014. Remember that? With a beautiful view on the Skrzyczne mountain, pleasant conference rooms and friendly staff.
Orle Gniazdo is the highest located (660 m asl) and the largest multifunctional facility in Szczyrk. It has 6 floors and is over 270 metres long. It has a total of 270 rooms with a view of Skrzyczne and the Żylica Valley, with bathrooms and TV. It can accommodate up to 550 people at the same time.
Orle Gniazdo is a huge and yet affordable hotel, famous for organizing large, regular events. It is here that the Polish Chess Championship is held, private concerts are played and international conferences and rallies are organized. The finish line of the third stage of the Tour de Pologne cycling race is also located here.


Public transport
Get to Katowice in any way you want and change to the Koleje Śląskie train to Bielsko-Biała (timetable ➡ here).Then take the footbridge to the bus station and take the bus to the Szczyrk Centrum bus stop (timetable ➡ here). You can get here with any bus going to Szczyrk. Cross the main road to Słoneczna Street, then right into Klimczoka/Wczasowa Drive which rises sharply uphill in switchbacks. The Orle Gniazdo Hotel is located at the end of this road, 2 km away from the bus stop.
Get to Bielsko-Biała, then take the express road S-1 in the direction of Żywiec, Zwardoń and Žilina (SK). Leave the express road at Wilkowice junction (exit marked: Wilkowice - Bystra - Szczyrk). At the first roundabout, take the first exit (to the right, Bystra - Szczyrk), then take the second exit (straight ahead) until the first crossing with traffic lights in Bystra. There turn left and follow the main road to the roundabout in Buczkowice, where you should take the first exit (to the right, DW-942, Szczyrk). When you get to Szczyrk, look for the Orle Gniazdo hotel advertisements - they will be on both sides of the road. Turn into Wczasowa Drive (to the right - beware, it is easy to miss it!) about 1900 m from the "Szczyrk" sign. Then turn right again and go about 2 km up a steep hill in switchbacks again.
Choose Katowice-Pyrzowice (KTW) or alternatively Kraków-Balice (KRK) as your destination airport. From both locations there are buses to Katowice, however, from Pyrzowice these connections are direct and more frequent. Choose the means of transport that will get you to the main train station in this city. Continue as described in "Public Transport".


The Super Blind Bird, Blind Bird, Regular and Last Minute tickets (shown below) are valid from all talks from Saturday morning until the end of the conference on Sunday. The conference pass, lunch on Saturday, dinner with after-party on Saturday, unlimited coffee and starter-pack are included.
If you want to attend workshops on Friday, you have to order a ticket for choosen workshop, separately (lunch is included).

Feel the real integration and book a bed and breakfast in the Orle Gniazdo Szczyrk! Just click 👉 HERE 👈 and enjoy the event with us!

The proforma (order) invoice in Polish Zloty will be issued and send you automatically when you register.
If you wish to pay us in Euro please contact us before you pay to obtain a new pro forma document with a proper amount and IBAN number, an interbank rate, and no commission.

All prices shown below are VAT inclusive (Polish rate, 23%).

On-line payments are processed by PayLane sp. z o.o. located in Gdańsk, Poland, at ul. Nowrida 4, zip code: 80-280, KRS: 0000227278.


Become a Sponsor

Become a sponsor of the PHPCon Poland 2019 conference – it's a unique opportunity to present your brand to the Polish PHP community and to be well-remembered.



On-line Support:


Phone: +48 604 435060
We speak English, Russian and natively Polish.


Conferia Sp. z o.o. (LLC)
address: ul. Wodzisławska 50A
city: Rybnik
zip code: 44-200
country: Poland
VAT ID: PL6423207390


Our Team

  • Dariusz Grzesista

    Dariusz Grzesista

    Originator, founder and team leader of the PHPCon Poland Conference. Event manager with ten-year experience, involved in the PHPCon Poland, php Central Europe conference, Linux Autumn, PyCon PL and dBConf. Former president of the Polish Linux Users Group. Devops in Polish customs administration from a dozen years. Happy husband and father of other PHPCon organisers. An unreformable bicycle tramp with a survival verve.
  • Joanna Grzesista

    Joanna Grzesista

    PHPCon's CFO, office manager and sponsor relation. Responsible for on-site organiser's reception and starter-pack distribution. Wife and mother of other PHPCon organisers ;)
  • Mariusz Kuta

    Mariusz Kuta
    Frontend ninja, database lover, php hooligan. PHPCon website designer. Lecture hall technician and multimedia recorder. Addicted to electronic music, crime books and sunflower seeds.
  • Piotr Krzysztofik

    Piotr Krzysztofik
    PHP programmer, webmaster, webdesigner and webdeveloper. At PHPCon acts as lecture hall technician responsible for multimedia recording and maintenance.
  • Przemysław Pawliczuk

    Przemysław Pawliczuk
    Specialist for pathetic and impossible issues. His first words were "Paamayim nekudotayim". Learnt programming upon rendez vous with Symfony, after 10 years with PHP. An orange juice addict, pays attention to technical issues on PHPConPL just after started his journey as a speaker. After hours - husband, President of Pionier Rzeszów Toastmasters, DIY-maker, fan of accordion loving good vocal-trance music.
  • Tomasz Kowalczyk

    Tomasz Kowalczyk

    Software architect with over 10 years of experience in writing web applications. Functional Programming enthusiast pursuing the ultimate goal of software quality and maintainability. An author of several open source libraries. Provides well-designed and open solutions to technical problems.
  • Mateusz Grzesista

    Mateusz Grzesista

    Student in one of Silesian high schools. Junior org-team member at PHPCon helping with a lecture hall technical issues and multimedia recording / maintenance.
  • Ready to help?

    Ready to help?

    We appreciate your help and gratify most valuable organisers by a free ticket to the conference!


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